Lab Directory

Castillo Pedro

CNRS Research associate
Mail : pedro.castillo(at)

Dandreagiovanni Fabio

CNRS Research associate
Mail : fabio.d-andreagiovanni(at)

Davoine Franck

CNRS Research associate
Mail : franck.davoine(at)

Destercke Sébastien

CNRS Research associate
Mail : sebastien.destercke(at)

Grandvalet Yves

CNRS Research director
Mail : yves.grandvalet(at)

Talj Reine

CNRS Research associate
Mail : reine.talj(at)

Abel Marie-Helene

Mail : marie-helene.abel(at)

Bonnifait Philippe

Professor, director of Heudiasyc Lab
Mail : philippe.bonnifait(at)

Bouabdallah Abdelmadjid

Mail : madjid.bouabdallah(at)

Boufflet Jean-Paul

Associate professor
Mail : jean-paul.boufflet(at)

Charara Ali

Mail : ali.charara(at)

Cherfaoui Veronique

Mail : veronique.cherfaoui(at)

Demiras Jérôme

Associate professor
Mail : jerome.demiras(at)

Denoeux Thierry

Mail : thierry.denoeux(at)

Ducourthial Bertrand

Mail : bertrand.ducourthial(at)

Fontaine Dominique

Associate professor, associate member
Mail : dominique.fontaine(at)

Fremont Vincent

Associate professor
Mail : vincent.fremont(at)

Jouglet Antoine

Mail : antoine.jouglet(at)

Lakhlef Hicham

Associate professor
Mail : hicham.lakhlef(at)

Leger Jean-Benoist

Associate professor
Mail : jean-benoist.leger(at)

Lenne Dominique

Mail : dominique.lenne(at)

Lourdeaux Domitile

Associate professor
Mail : domitile.lourdeaux(at)

Lussier Benjamin

Contractual research teacher
Mail : benjamin.lussier(at)

Masson Mylène

Associate professor
Mail : mylene.masson(at)

Morizet-Mahoudeaux Pierre

Mail : pierre.morizet-mahoudeaux(at)

Moukrim Aziz

Mail : aziz.moukrim(at)

Moulin Claude

Associate professor
Mail : claude.moulin(at)

Nace Dritan

Mail : dritan.nace(at)

Natalizio Enrico

Associate professor
Mail : enrico.natalizio(at)

Quost Benjamin

Associate professor
Mail : benjamin.quost(at)

Rousseau Sylvain

Associate professor
Mail : sylvain.rousseau(at)

Sallak Mohamed

Associate professor
Mail : mohamed.sallak(at)

Schön Walter

Mail : walter.schon(at)

Serairi Mehdi

Contractual research teacher
Mail : mehdi.serairi(at)

Thouvenin Indira

Contractuel research teacher
Mail : indira.thouvenin(at)

Trigano Philippe

Mail : philippe.trigano(at)

Vidolov Boris

Associate professor
Mail : boris.vidolov(at)

Xu Philippe

Associate professor
Mail : philippe.xu(at)

Alexandre Nathalie

Administrative and Financial  assistant, Secretary (UTC)
Mail : nathalie.alexandre(at)

Azzimonti Brigitte

Head of Finance departement (CNRS)
Mail : brigitte.azzimonti(at)

Ballet Hélène

Communication officer (Temporary contract)
Mail : helene.ballet(at)

Bayard Gildas

CNRS Research engineer
Mail : gildas.bayard(at)

Bonnet Stéphane

CNRS Research engineer
Mail : stephane.bonnet(at)

Claisse Harry

UTC Research Engineer
Mail : harry.claisse(at)

Collé Sabine

Administrative assistant, Secretary (CNRS)
Mail :

Crubille Paul

Research engineer
Mail : paul.crubille(at)

Guermonprez Bérengère

Executive assistant - Secretary - TIS PhD (UTC)
Mail : berengere.guermonprez(at)

Herlin Laurie

MS2T Labex Steering Assistant (Labex)
Mail : laurie.herlin(at)

Moisan Véronique

Engineer assistant (CNRS)
Mail : veronique.moisan(at)

Monglon Thierry

Engineer assistant (CNRS)
Mail : thierry.monglon(at)

Paprzycki Séverine

Financial assistant (CNRS)
Mail : severine.paprzycki(at)

Porras Dominique

Head of Administrative department (CNRS)
Mail : dominique.porras(at)

Sanahuja Guillaume

Research engineer (UTC)
Mail : guillaume.sanahuja(at)

Savourey David

Research engineer , Head of technological platform section (CNRS)
Mail : david.savourey(at)

Abaunza gonzalez Hernan

PhD student
Mail : hernan.gonzalez(at)

Aboubakar Moussa

PhD student
Mail : moussa.aboubakar(at)

Akrouche Joanna

PhD student
Mail : joanna.akrouche(at)

Alatorre vazguez Angel Gabriel

PhD student
Mail : angel-gabriel.alatorre-vazquez(at)

Amarouche Youcef

PhD student
Mail : youcef.amarouche(at)

Arezki Lydia

PhD student
Mail : lydia.arezki(at)

Assaad Mohamad Ali

PhD student
Mail : mohamad-ali.assaad(at)

Ben said Asma

PhD student
Mail : asma.ben-said(at)

Benabbou Azzeddine

PhD student
Mail : azzeddine.benabbou(at)

Betancourt Guillermo

PhD student
Mail : guillermo-julio-cesar.betancourt-vera(at)

Brini Manel

PhD student
Mail : manel.brini(at)

Cambier Nicolas

PhD student
Mail : nicolas.cambier(at)

Capellier Edouard

PhD student
Mail : edouard.capellier(at)

Carranza Alarcon Yonatan Carlos

PhD student
Mail : yonatan-carlos.carranza-alarcon(at)

Chaveroche Maxime

PhD student
Mail : maxime.chaveroche(at)

Chokor Abbas

PhD student
Mail : abbas.chokor(at)

De Souza junior Cristino

PhD student
Mail :

Delmas Adrien

PhD student
Mail : adrien.delmas(at)

Dubois Rodolphe

PhD student
Mail : rodolphe.dubois(at)

Guyard Romain

PhD student
Mail : romain.guyard(at)

Habermann Mateus

PhD student
Mail : mateus.habermann(at)

Hamadi Hussein

PhD student
Mail : hussein.hamadi(at)

Hery Elwan

PhD student
Mail : elwan.hery(at)

Huguet Lauriane

PhD student
Mail : lauriane.huguet(at)

Imakhlaf Ayyoub

PhD student
Mail : ayyoub.imakhlaf(at)

Imine Youcef

PhD student
Mail : youcef.imine(at)

Jugade Shriram

PhD student
Mail : shriram.jugade(at)

Kandi Mohamed Ali

PhD student
Mail : mohamed-ali.kandi(at)

Kouicem Djamel Eddine

PhD student
Mail : djamel-eddine.kouicem(at)

Lacaze-Labadie Remi

PhD student
Mail : remi.lacaze-labadie(at)

Li Franck

PhD student
Mail :

Li Siying

PhD student
Mail :

Li Xuhong

PhD student
Mail :

Louhichi Rim

PhD student
Mail : rim.rouhichi(at)

Loukkal Abdelhak

PhD student
Mail : abdelhak.loukkal(at)

Masi Stefano

PhD student
Mail : stefano.masi(at)

Mkireb Chouaib

PhD student
Mail : chouaib.mkireb(at)

Nguyen Linh

PhD student
Mail : linh.nguyen(at)

Offermann Alexis

PhD student
Mail : alexis.offermann(at)

Ortiz Torres Gerardo

PhD student
Mail : gerardo.ortiz-torres(at)

Pimenta de Moraes junior Hermes

PhD student
Mail : hermes.pimenta-de-moraes-junior(at)

Rojas Belem

PhD student
Mail : belem.rojas(at)

Shehaj Marinela

PhD student
Mail : marinela.shehaj(at)

Spaenlehauer Ariane

PhD student
Mail : ariane.spaenlehauer(at)

Sylla Yaya

PhD student
Mail : yaya.sylla(at)

Vacher Blandine

PhD student
Mail : blandine.vacher(at)

Wang Chenghao

PhD student
Mail :

Welte Anthony

PhD student
Mail : anthony.welte(at)

Yahiaoui Ala Eddine

PhD student
Mail : ala-eddine.yahiaoui(at)

Yang Lingxue

PhD student
Mail : lingxue.yang(at)

Afoutni Zoubida

CDD Research engineer (CNRS)
Mail : zoubida.afoutni(at)

Al hage Joelle

CDD Researcher (SIVALab)
Mail :

Bouvet Yohan

CDD Research engineer (CNRS)
Mail : yohan.bouvet(at)

Frisch Gabriel

CDD Research engineer (CNRS)
Mail : gabriel.frisch(at)

Fuhrmann Thomas

CDD Engineer (UTC)
Mail : thomas.fuhrmann(at)

Guillet Audrey

CDD Engineer
Mail : audrey.guillet(at)

Lounis Ahmed

CDD Research engineer (CNRS) - Labex MS2T
Mail : ahmed.lounis(at)

Nguyen Huu Phuc

CDD Research engineer (CNRS)
Mail : huu.phuc.nguyen(at)

Sanchez Corentin

CDD Research engineer (CNRS)
Mail : corentin.sanchez(at)

Ibanez guzman Javier

Mail : javier.ibanez-guzman(at)

Salazar Sergio

Mail : sergio.salazar(at)

Awde Ahmad

Mail : ahmad.awde(at)

Ben youssef Wiem

Mail : wiem.ben-youssef(at)

Chaalal Elhadja

Mail : elhadja.chaalal(at)

Chavarin Jorge

Mail : jorge-antonio.chavarin-montoya(at)

Daoud Ahmed

Mail : ahmed.daoud(at)

Demirkiran Cansu

Mail : cansu.demirkiran(at)

Fakih Sara

Mail : sara.fakih(at)

Hoyos Laura

Mail : laura-cristina.hoyos(at)

Ouberkouk Mohamed

Mail : mohamed.ouberkouk(at)

Said Abdallah

Mail : abdallah.said(at)

Barger Pavol

Associate professor, on availability in industry since 2012
Mail : pavol.barger(at)

Bordes Antoine

CNRS Research associate, detached in industry since 2014
Mail : antoine.bordes(at)

Boukerroui Djamal

Associate professor, on availability in industry since 2014
Mail : djamal.boukerroui(at)

Challal Yacine

Associate professor HDR, on availability in industry since 2015
Mail : yacine.challal(at) 

Correa Victorino Alessandro

Associate professor HDR, on availability in industry since 2017
Mail : alessandro.victorino(at)

Poncin-Maupoil Cécile

UTC Communication officer, on availability since 2017
Mail : cecile.poncin-maupoil(at)

Usunier Nicolas

Associate professor, on availability in industry since 2015
Mail : nicolas.usinier(at)

Armand Alexandre

Research engineer, Renault

Fantoni Isabelle

Research director, CNRS

Ibanez Guzman Javier

Technical Manager, Autonomous Vehicles, Renault

Lozano Rogelio

Research director, Director of LAFMIA Mexico
Mail : rogelio.lozano(at)

Stawiarski Emmanuel

Innovation pilot, Renault

Zinoune Clément

Autonomous vehicle experimentation project manager, Renault
Mail : clement.zinoune(at)