Back on the artificial intelligence day (PFIA)

AFIA and the University of Lorraine organized in Nancy from 2nd to 6th July 2018 the 11th Artificial Intelligence Platform (PFIA).

The AI ??platform is a unique meeting point for the AI community to bring the different disciplines together and build bridges between them. For this purpose, the AI platform is aimed at the entire French speaking community of Artificial Intelligence to address common issues.

Several Heudiasyc members participated in this event. PFIA also hosted a day "Robotics and AI" (co-organized by the GdR Robotique and AFIA) in which Philippe Bonnifait, director of the Heudiasyc laboratory participated. The question of the circulation of intelligent and autonomous vehicles on the open roads was addressed by P. Bonnifait, in his presentation entitled "Autonomous cars navigation on roads opened to public traffic". How can infrastructure-based systems help?