DataShield is a cybersecurity startup project, currently in an 18-month incubation phase. It is co-financed by Labex MS2T, the Hauts-de-France administrative region, and ERDF.

The project

The original idea behind DataShield was offering data protection solutions based on access control and authentication. DataShield puts the most secure cryptographic techniques within the reach of non-experts, by looking after most of the technical complexity in the place of users, who nevertheless remain the key decision makers in full control of their data. A multi-layer access management allows a fine-grained structure of authorizations, together with a simple interface for granting and removing access permissions. DataShield offers a means of sharing confidential data securely, by encrypting data before story ing them locally or remotely. It is the user who has control of the data, which can be read neither bthe storage operator, nor by DataShield. This is the ideal solution for applications that handle confidential data, such as in medicine, finance and government.

This ongoing project will be headed by Ahmed Lounis and Abdelmadjid Bouabdallah in the SCOP research team.

REVIATECH was created in 2008 in the wake of an R&D project headed by Indira Thouvenin with the Continental industrial group, and has become one of France's leading providers of virtual-reality-based training solutions. Reviatech's technological edge means that it is one of only very few companies offering a range of software solutions for designing, implementing and managing training courses using a virtual reality environment.

These kinds of solutions are used in industry in relation to technical activities where knowledge and skills need to be transmitted and procedures standardized through training. Reviatech is continuing to develop a variety of solutions and products using virtual and augmented reality for use in marketing, engineering and support functions (VR process presentation kit for trade shows, design and planning of production lines and production areas, augmented reality to assist in maintenance).

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Design and development of guidance systems for mobile robots.

Created in 2007 by Florian Pantaleao.


Face detection and recognition software.

Created in 2006 by Bouchra Abboud.

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