Investments for the future


The Equipex Robotex "equipment of excellence" is a network of experimental robotics platforms that extends across 15 laboratories in France, under the stewardship of CNRS.

Within this network, Heudiasyc is in charge of the "Terrestrial and Aerial Mobile Robotics" node (coordinator: Philippe Bonnifait).


Robotex has enabled the Lab to acquire and equip the following with high-quality instrumentation: 

  • 3 robotized electric vehicles (two Renault Zoës and a Renault Fluence) 
  • A collection of 4-rotor and 8-rotor mini-UAVs 
  • Associated equipment: indoor and outdoor flying arenas, a Renault Master utility vehicle, a 3D printer, high-end sensors, etc.

This equipment has been used to test and validate numerous research works by different teams in the Lab.

The budget allocated to Heudiasyc by Robotex for the 2011-2016 period was € 945k, in addition to € 900k of co-funding by the Picardie (now Hauts-de-France) regional authority and the European Regional Development Fund.



  • In May 2016 Heudiasyc was the only French team to take part in the European Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge GCDC'2016, where ten teams competed against each other in a full-scale demonstration of cooperative autonomous driving. The setting was the A270 motorway between Helmond and Eindhoven in the Netherlands.

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  • Heudiasyc hosted the Robotex "Techdays" technical seminars in July 2015


The laboratory of Excellence Labex MS2T was chosen by the French government in March 2011 after being selected by an international jury as part of the "Investments for the Future" program. It received a 6.7 million euros grant for nine years. 

The "Laboratories of Excellence" program, coordinated by ANR (french national research agency), aims to provide the best national laboratories with international visibility and significant resources in order to enable them to compete with their foreign counterparts, attract internationally renowned researchers and academics, and create a high-level and integrated policy for research, training and development.

The Labex MS2T “Control of Technological Systems-of-Systems” is a multi-disciplinary scientific problem that targets a scope of application that may be very large.

It brings together 4 laboratories of Compiègne University of Technology associated with CNRS:

  • Heudiasyc (leader) : Information and communication sciences

Aims and Research topics

Labex MS2T will make significant progress on three significant social issues : Transport and Mobility, Security, Health (ICT and Health Engineering).

Topics research

  • Interaction and cooperation between systems
  • Uncertainty management
  • Optimized design of technological SoS

  • Dynamics of systems of systems : emergence and agility

Challenge teams

DIVINA : DIstributed cooperative VIsual Navigation for multi-uAv systems

DAPAD : Distributed and augmented vehicle perception to support autonomous driving

INTERFACE : Tissues and cell Interfaces in muscle-skeleton system: Application to the design of bioartificial SoS


Director of Labex MS2T
Ali Charara
Phone : 03 44 23 46 78 | Contact by email

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