Technology platforms

Intelligent and Autonomous Vehicles 

  • Multi-sensor perception of surroundings; safe and accurate localization; robot navigation; monitoring and control; V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) communication 
  • 5 instrumented vehicles; VIL (Vehicle In the Loop) testbed; prototyping software; testing facilities (test track and communication infrastructure)

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  • Autonomous navigation; generating and following trajectories; managing uncertainty in relation to dependability; formation flying; on-board perception
  • Flight simulator; demonstrators; two flying arenas; mobile workshop

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Rail simulations

  • Vocational rapid transit and rail master's degree; investigation of the human factor in relation to risk management and dependability.
  • Rail supervision console; simulation of train operation and supervision in accordance with the ERTMS norm, and performed on a video wall.

  • Research project about autonmous train driving with a real driving simulator.

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Virtual reality 

  • Translife - an immersive CAVE (Cave Automated Virtual Environment) platform

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