Virtual reality


TRANSLIFE is an immersive virtual reality room used for research on informed interaction. It is a four-faced CAVE™ (Cave Automated Virtual Environment), which can also be transformed into a more open three-faced installation.

TRANSLIFE was co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) 2014-2010, and by the Hauts-de-France administrative region. It became fully operational in March 2017.


There are two alternative configurations:

Mode 1

  • 4 faces (U-shaped)
  • 3 glass screens (3.4m x 2.5m)
  • Painted floor (3.4m x 3.4m)

Mode 2

  • 3 faces (L-shaped)
  • 2 glass screens (3.4m x 2.5m + 6.8m x 2.5m) 
  • Painted floor (7.0m x 3.4m)


  • 4 Christie Mirage 1920x1200 3D projectors
  • HP Z840 with 2 Nvidia M5000
  • 20 pairs of Volfoni RF active stereoscopic glasses 
  • 10 Optitrack cameras distributed around the CAVE 
  • PS Move Wand, Leap Motion, Razer Hydra
  • 5.1 surround


  • HTC Vive, Oculus rift (DK1 and DK2)


As well as TRANSLIFE, we continue to use our Mini-MIXT room, which is a miniature version of the old MIXT platform that TRANSLIFE replaced.


  • Optoma 1080p 3D projector
  • 5 Optitrack Prime 13 cameras 
  • PC with Intel Xeon X5650 and Quadro 5000 
  • Nvidia and Volfoni RF stereoscopic glasses


TransONE is a suite of software tools that we use to adapt Unity3D applications for use on the TRANSLIFE platform and to develop new VR applications. TransONE includes various modules that concern different parts of the system:

  • CAVE: for managing the display and peripheral devices (such as the Wand and HTC Vive) 
  • Mocap: for monitoring movement
  • Feedback: feedback library (visuals, sound, etc.)
  • Gestures: gesture library (including acquisition and management)


Scientific advisor
Indira Thouvenin
Phone : 03 44 23 45 47 | Contact by email

Technical advisor
Yohan Bouvet
Phone : 03 44 23 79 93 | Contact by email