Research at Heudiasyc

Research at the laboratory is split between four teams:

  1. This team is dedicated to the study and development of control, monitoring and observation methods for complex dynamic systems interacting with a human operator. The robotics studies deal with aerial drones and intelligent vehicles in an external environment. Research carried out on embedded systems relates to the design of real-time embedded systems, hardware architectures and non-functional properties of critical applications.
  1. Each scientific area represented by the keywords "decision" and "image" may be further detailed into two areas. For decision, "uncertain reasoning and information fusion" and "statistical learning" cover work related to non-probabilistic modelling of reasoning and its applications in fusion, state estimation and pattern recognition along with probabilistic approaches to statistical inference. The keyword "image" refers to computer vision and medical image analysis.
  1. Work relates to instrumentation and operational use of knowledge in computer systems to allow cognitive interaction between these systems and their users.
  1. This team deals with optimisation in logistical and information systems and with security and mobility in networks. Its objective is to define algorithmic solutions that can satisfy users’ requirements in terms of performance and reliability while allowing the underlying complexity to remain transparent.

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