Seminar (organized by the research team ICI)


CNRS Research director at ISIR - UPMC

Socio-emotional conversational agents

Tuesady, March14, 2017 to 2:00 pm in the amphi Gauss (ED buildinf of the UTC)

Astract :

I will present several of our works regarding modeling social and emotional behaviors for embodied conversational agents. To create such agents with whom human participants can interact with, they ought to be endowed with a large lexicon of multimodal behaviors. To characterize them we have applied various methodologies such as user-centered design or methods relying on corpus analysis. For this latter technique we have gathered a corpus of human experts in a domain explaining it to novices. This corpus of more than 80 interactions is annotated on different levels, high level such as impression of competence or social attitude, and multimodal behaviors. By applying sequences mining we extract behavior patterns involved in the change of perception of an attitude or competences. In this talk I will also present our platform of Embodied Virtual Agent Greta/VIB in which these works are implemented.


FR SHIC 3272

Collegium UTC/CNRS