Séminaire (organisé par l’équipe de recherche ICI)

Julie Dugdale

Maître de Conférences, LIG, Université Grenoble Alpes

Computational models of human behaviour for informing design through simulation : an agent based approach applied to crisis management

Mardi 22 mars 2016 à 14 h en GI041

Résumé :

For many years we have been striving to understand human behaviour and our interactions with our socio-technological environment. By advancing our knowledge in this area, we have helped the design of new or improved work processes and technologies. Historically, much of the work in analysing social interactions has been conducted within the social sciences. However, computer simulation has brought an extra tool in trying to understand and model human behaviours. Using an agent based approach, this presentation describes my work in constructing computational models of human behaviour for informing design through simulation. The challenges associated with modelling human behaviour and developing agent based models will be discussed along with some specific solutions. With examples from projects in the area of crisis and emergency management, I will look at how we can improve work situations through simulation. Looking forward to the future, I discuss how the increasing prevalence of artificial agents in our society will cause us to re-examine the new types of interactions and cooperative behaviours that will emerge.


FR SHIC 3272

Collegium UTC/CNRS