Séminaire (organisé par l’équipe de recherche RO)


Stagiaire, Heudiasyc

Trust Management in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

Jeudi 28 janvier 2016 à 15 h 30 en GI042

Résumé :

In several applications, Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are deployed in unattended fashions or even in enemy territory, they can be captured and tampered by adversaries as well as communication links are compromised. Thus, security plays a central role in wireless sensor networks since the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the transmitted data between sensor nodes must be preserved in a hostile environment. As the basic requirement for providing security services, key management plays a central role in encryption and authentication. However, due to resource constraints in sensor nodes, many ordinary security mechanisms such as public key-based authentication and key distribution schemes are deemed unpractical in sensor networks. In addition, an adversary can potentially insert faulty data or bad decisions to mislead the whole system. Cryptographic and authentication schemes alone cannot cope with the internal threats where the adversarial nodes have access to valid cryptographic keys. Apart from malicious attacks, sensor nodes are exposed to system errors, abnormal behavior which can generate bogus data due to malfunction of their radio/sensors. This type of problems cannot be resolved by the cryptographic systems. Since, the trust paradigm can be used to deal with such situations.


FR SHIC 3272

Collegium UTC/CNRS