Séminaire (organisé par l’équipe de recherche RO)

Tifenn RAULT

Doctorante Heudiasyc

Multi-hop wireless charging optimization in Low-Power Networks

Vendredi 20 décembre à 9h en A212

Résumé :

Recent advancements in wireless charging technology offer promising alternative to address the challenging problem of energy consumption in low-power networks, as WSN for example. Based on these breakthroughs, existing solutions have investigated wireless charging strategies of low-power networks through the use of mobile chargers, where a charger has to come at the nodes’ vicinity to recharge their battery.

However, none of these works have considered the multihop energy transmission, whose feasibility have been demonstrated recently. In such a system, a node can transmit energy wirelessly to its neighbors. In this presentation, we propose an optimization model to determine the minimum number of chargers needed to recharge the elements of a network in a multihop scenario, taking into account the energy demand of the nodes, the energy loss that occurs during a transfer and the capacity of the chargers.


FR SHIC 3272

Collegium UTC/CNRS