Joint Lab Heudiasyc – Renault

Integral systems for autonomous vehicle

Renault and Heudiasyc, a joint research unit formed by UTC and CNRS, have created in March 2017, SIVALAB, a laboratory specialising in localization and perception systems for autonomous vehicles.

This scientific and technological partnership has been set up for an initial, extendable period of 4 years. It is founded on an existing association that began more than 10 years ago and will use the Renault ZOE-based autonomous vehicle platforms developed by Heudiasyc.

Focus of research
The collaboration’s main purpose is to study and develop autonomous vehicle localization and perception systems with a view to offering greater accuracy and reliability. In addition to sensors, data will be sourced and analysed from pre-defined navigation maps and dynamic connections from other users and the infrastructure. By smartly combining the data from these multiple sources, the vehicle will systematically turn out a better performance than with sensors alone, regardless of the situation.

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