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You can access here to some of my talks

Autonomous Integrity Monitoring of Navigation Maps on board Vehicles 7th IROS Workshop on Planning, Perception and Navigation for Intelligent Vehicles, Hamburg, 28 September 2015 Pdf of the talk

Road Invariant Extended Kalman Filter for an Enhanced estimation of GPS Errors using Lane Markings IEEE IROS conference, Hamburg, 29 September 2015 Pdf of the talk

On the use of maps for perception and localization IET/GdR Autonomous Vehicles Workshop: From Theory To Full Scale Applications, Paris, June 18, 2015. Video of the talk Pdf of the talk

Map-aided Evidential Grids for Driving Scene Understanding ITS Podcast Episode 23, Posted on March 1, 2015. Listen to the podcast

Localization and perception for autonomous navigation using automotive sensors Autonomous Driving Technology Workshop, Radisson Schwarzer Bock Wiesbaden, Germany, 21st - 22nd May 2014 Pdf of the talk

Multi-hypothesis Map-Matching using Particle Filtering ITS World Congress Stockholm, September 24, 2009. Pdf of the talk

Positioning and Map-matching Workshop “Cooperative Systems on the Road”, Helmond Netherland, May 13, 2009. Pdf of the talk

Managing Localization Uncertainties for Intelligent Vehicles University of Waterloo, Canada, Thursday April 23, 2009 Pdf of the talk

Systèmes de positionnement pour applications coopératives Congrès international ATEC-ITS Versailles France, 4 et 5 février 2009 Pdf of the talk (in French)

Sur l'intégrité de la localisation des véhicules terrestres par hybridation de données GNSS et SIG Toulouse, LAAS. PEA Action - 22 Oct 2008 Pdf of the talk (in French)

Intelligent Vehicles and ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance Systems) Lille, journées Automatique et Véhicules Autonomes, 16 et 17 juin 2008, Palais du Nouveau Siècle Pdf of the talk

Confidence indicators for ADAS functions Eindhoven, IEEE Intelligent Vehicle Symposium - June 6th 2008 Pdf of the talk

Navigation in urban areas using Geographical Information and rough GNSS measurements Tokyo, First France-Keio Co-Mobility Workshop, 28,29 January 2008 Pdf of the talk

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