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 * Language: French
* Author: Fathia Bettahar
* Title: Interopérabilité sémantique dans une plate-forme e-Gouvernement : 
  application à la construction d’une ontologie multilingue
* Defense: July 2008
* Abstract:

The objective of the research is to define an organization ensuring the semantic operability inside an e-Government platform. The solution involves several actors from different domains: ontology expert, domain expert, users, and managers). The objective is achieved thanks to a multilingual ontology supplying semantic data required by each module of the platform.

Two issues had to be overcome: the building of an ontology representing the complex processes of the Public Administration and the multilingual aspect of each concept definition. The building of the ontology followed a general methodology enhanced by the support to platform end users. We defined a specific formalism for representing knowledge in the system, taking into account the issue of class and property instantiation in a knowledge base. We proposed an original solution based on rules. We applied the formalism to the dynamic categorization of elements in a knowledge based and we developed specific tools in order to check the robustness of the formalism.

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