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2nd year PhD candidate
Equipe ASER - Drone Team
Tel: +33 7 67 14 77 90


I am Brazilian and I come from the state of Minas Gerais. I graduated there in 2017, with the bachelor degree in Engineering of Control and Automation, at the University of Lavras. During my five years long of under graduation, I had the opportunity to be introduced in different fields, as agriculture, industrial automation and UAVs.

I arrived in Compiegne (France) in 2016, as exchange student following the second year of the master grade of TIS (Technology of Information and Systems). In this opportunity, I have been working in a collaborative project to solve the problem of landing of fixed wings UAV in reduced areas. In additional, I had courses that opened my minds to others subjects, as data analyses, nonlinear control, networks and collectives robots, which leaded me to my thesis subject.

I started the PhD in December of 2017, working now with cooperatives drones for pursuit of an intruder one. I am particularly interested in my PhD subject for many reasons: its topicality, its challenges and the nature of the problem itself: autonomous agents, cooperating and seeking to successful task accomplishment.

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