Cristino de Souza Jr
Cristino de Souza Jr
Cristino de Souza Jr
Cristino de Souza Jr
Cristino de Souza Jr

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Thesis Subject

Drones cooperation for tracking an intruder
Our proposition is the use of a group of drones, cooperating between themselves, to the pursuit and intercept an intruder one. We propose a system modeled as a group of autonomous agents, decision-makers, inspired by the natural phenomenon of collective hunting.

Current UTC Projects

Abroad Stay: Australian Centre of Robotic Vision – Monash University
Three months internship investigating the application of Reinforcement Learning in the multi-agent pursuit-evasion problem, for application in drones.

Past Projects

TX: Vision-based navigation with a Quadcopter
Assistant tutor (under the supervision of Dr Castillo) of an engineering student. In this project, we are validating a visual-servoing algorithm based in deep-learning to tracking a flying target.

Master Internship: Automatic landing of fixed-wing UAV using phugoides - PRV Project
Assistant tutor of master students in Complexes Systems. In this project, we are designing a trajectory generator and controller for a small airplane to land in a reduced area.

ISCF Master: Gripper for a Fixed Wings UAV - PRV Project
I am playing as an assistant tutor (under the supervision of Dr Castillo) for a group of 4 students in the master course ISCF, where the students must design and develop a technical solution of a given problem. Description: This Landing in small spaces of fixed-wing aircraft is almost performed with net or parachute solutions. These solutions are not accurate nor compatible with the take-off process though, they also need a wide landing area which can be an issue on small vessel or ships.
Goal: For this IFSC team the specific objective is to design and implement a gripper to coupling the UAV to the robot.

TX: a Behavioral-based swarm of drones
I am playing as an assistant tutor (under the supervision of Dr Castillo) for a master student in the context of the special course TX (laboratories work) Goal: This project consists of the design and implementation of a fleet of drones using the behavioural approach.

State estimation Bebop 2:
In a first, I worked in the data fusion for outdoors navigation for the Bebop 2, that was a drone recently incorporated to the Lab framework, seeking to allowed outdoors flights. A video exposing the results is provided below.

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