El hadje samba Drame
El hadje samba Drame
El hadje samba Drame
El hadje samba Drame
El hadje samba Drame

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El-Hadje-Samba DRAME

Virtual Reality Engineer, in charge of the TRANSLIFE plateform

Virtual Reality, 3D programming, system integration and maintenance


I got my Engineer Diploma from the ENSIIE and Telecom Sud Paris in 2015, I have developed several projects in my engineering school (3D immersive visit with a robot, video games with the Kinect and a virtual navigation in a labyrinth) and done my internship in the CMLA laboratory in ENS Cachan (Haptics in a molecular simulation).

Then I joined Heudiasyc Lab on May 2016 to manage the implementation and the functioning of the new immersive room TRANSLIFE (4 sided CAVE) for the Virtual Reality scientific project on informed virtual environments under the responsibility of Indira Thouvenin.


The Virtual Reality immersive room is built to provide the Heudiasyc research community with unique technical resources and state-of-the-art equipment in the field of immersive interaction, and intelligent/informed environment for experimental research. The Virtual Reality immersive room will be part of the Heudiasyc platform at UTC, which regroups several activities and competences for complex systems and artificial intelligence research, including but not limited to decision and knowledge representation, adaptation, rail supervision, cognitive and behavioral experimentation, movement and gesture recognition and capitalization.

I am responsible for the setup and maintenance of virtual reality equipment (sensors and displays) used for experimentation, including large immersive setups (CAVE alike), immersion stations (stereoscopic displays, HMD, etc.) and tracking.

You can get more information on the TRANSLIFE plateform by visiting the dedicated website :