Felipe Aguirre-martinez
Felipe Aguirre-martinez
Felipe Aguirre-martinez
Felipe Aguirre-martinez
Felipe Aguirre-martinez
Felipe Aguirre-martinez



Research Engineer at Phimeca Engineering

Contact information
Phone: +33(0) 1 58 51 18 02

Former Researcher/lecturer at Heudiasyc Laboratory
University of Technologie of Compi├Ęgne (UTC)

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Short Biography

I am research engineer currently working at Phimeca Engineering. My main tasks are around the european project ULTimateCO2. More precisely around the workpackage 6:

WP6 is dedicated to uncertainty assessment, and supports all the other work packages by providing them with a framework for addressing the confidence that can be placed on the long-term extrapolation of identified processes, and numerical simulation results.

Before my current position, I was a researcher/lecturer at University of Technology of Compi├Ęgne, at Heudiasyc Laboratory where I finished my Ph.D in the field of reliability analysis and uncertainty treatement (Best PhD thesis award of 2012). I hold an international double degree in mechanical engineering from ENIM, France and Universidad EAFIT, Colombia and a Master of Science from ENIM, France.

PhD objectives

Research interests

  • Uncertainty theories : Belief functions theory, Probability theory, imprecise probabilities, fuzzy sets theory and Monte-Carlo simulations.
  • Graphical models : Evidential networks, Bayesian networks, Valuation based systems, Binary Join Trees, Fault-tree analysis, Binary Decision Diagrams
  • Dependability : Reliability of complex systems, Fault tolerance, Elicitation of reliability, Aggregation of experts’ opinion, Treatment of failure dependencies, Importance measures, Multi-state systems, Human Reliability Analysis, RAMS (reliability, availability, maintainability and safety).
  • Diagnosis : Model-based diagnosis, multi-viewpoint based abductive reasoning, Evidential networks.

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