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Post-doctorate researchers

Soon coming
In Progress
  • Tom Davot (2021-2022, Labex MS2T): “Graph optimisation under severe uncertainty”
  • Tathagata Basu (2021-2022, PreServe ANR project): “Preference learning under severe uncertainty”
  • Arthur Van Camp (2019-2020, PreServe ANR project): “Preference learning under severe uncertainty” - Now post-doctoral researcher under an ERC grant at Bristol university
  • Yann Soullard (co-supervised with I. Thouvenin, 2014-2016, KIVA project): “Pattern recognition and sensory feedback in virtual environment for gesture training” - now lecturer at Rennes University
  • Nadia Ben Abdallah (co-supervised with M. Sallak, 2014-2015, ANR project RECIF): “Expert elicitation in reliability studies” - now research engineer at CEA
  • Olivier Cailloux (co-supervised with B. Quost, 2014-2015, LABEX grant): “Aggregation of partial preferences” - now lecturer at Paris Dauphine
  • Ignacio Montes (2014-2015, LABEX grant): “Design of multi-objective systems under uncertainty” - now lecturer at University of Oviedo

PhD students

In progress
  • Roman Malinowsky: “Uncertainty propagation in 3D satellite image reconstruction” (co-supervised with Emmanuelle Sarrzin, Emmanuel Dubois and Loic Dumas)
  • Henoik Willot: “Ethics and sincerity in aid-decision systems” (co-supervised with Khaled Belahcene)
  • Loic Adam: “Preference elicitation under severe uncertainty”
  • Soundouss Messoudi: “Data science for real estate management” (co-supervised with Sylvain Rousseau)
  • Krushna Shinde: “Interval uncetainty method to treat inconsistent measurements in inverse problems” - now post-doctoral research at IMT Douai (co-supervised with Pierre Feissel)
  • Yonatan Carlos Carranza Alarcon: “Learning graphs under severe uncertainties” - now ML Op at Warner Bros
  • Linh Nguyen (co-supervised with M. Masson): “Learning optimal information queries under severe uncertainty” - now postdoctoral researcher at Eindhoven University
  • Lanting Yu (co-supervised with M. Sallak and W. Schön): “Reliability optimization of systems with uncertain failure data”
  • Gen Yang (co-supervised with M. Masson): “Machine learning problems with severe uncertainty and structured data” - now data scientist at Kpler company
  • Nicolas Sutton Charani (co-supervised with T. Denoeux): “Learning from uncertain data and knowledge : application to rubber quality prediction” - now lecturer at Ecole des Mines d'Ales
  • Liyao Ma (visited for one year): “Active learning in evidential decision trees” - now lecturer at University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei

Master Thesis Students

In progress
  • Louis de Ferluc (co-supervised with B. Quost): “Robust collaborative learning”
  • Juliette Ortholand (co-supervised with K. belhacene): “Learning fair classifiers”
  • Loic Adam (co-supervised with A. Van Camp and B. Quost): “Learning to rank under severe uncertainties”
  • Henoik Willot (co-supervised with S. Lagrue): “Uncertainty in CP-nets”
  • Pierre-Louis Guillot (co-supervised with M. Masson, B. Quost and D. Savourey, 2019): “Optimal preference elicitation under severe uncertainty”
  • Sarah Fakih (co-supervised with M. Masson and V. Berger-Cherafoui, 2018): “Cautious self-driving based on occupational grid”
  • Joseph Rocca (co-supervised with B. Quost and D. Savourey, 2016): “Optimal uncertainty reduction by sequential strategies.”
  • Safouen Mediouni (co-supervised with N. Ben Abdallah and M. Masson, 2015): “Information fusion: what works, what does not work?”
  • Lanting Yu (co-supervised with M. Sallak and M. Poss, 2014): “Optimization methods for k-out-of-n consecutive systems”
  • Rania Kallel (co-supervised with B. Ben Yaghlane, 2013): “Partial predictions in multi-label setting with evidential methods: first study”
  • Roula Nassif (co-supervised with M. Masson, 2013): “Calibrated ranking with belief functions”
  • Mathieu Hourbracq (co-supervised with C. Baudrit and P.H. Wuillemin, 2013): “Learning and Computing with Dynamic Credal Networks: Application to Cheese ripening”
  • Zohra Kemache (co-supervised with T. Denoeux and E. Humbert, 2011): “Risk analysis in tunnel construction”
  • Yosra Mazigh (co-supervised with B. Ben Yaghlane, 2010): “Learning graphical models to predict semolina value”
  • Iyan Johnson (co-supervised with R. Thomopoulos and B. Charnomordic, 2009): “Integrating expert knowledge to a learning algorithm”
  • Nicolas Maillet (co-supervised with P. Buche and B. Charnomordic, 2009): “Data reliability assessment in a data warehouse opened on the Web”

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