Thierry Denoeux
Thierry Denoeux
Thierry Denoeux
Thierry Denoeux
Thierry Denoeux

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Publications of Thierry Denoeux


  1. T. Denoeux and P. P. Shenoy. An Interval-Valued Utility Theory for Decision Making with Dempster-Shafer Belief Functions. arXiv:1912.06612
  2. Z. Bouraoui, A. Cornuéjols, T. Denoeux, S. Destercke, D. Dubois, R. Guillaume, J. Marques-Silva, J. Mengin, H. Prade, S. Schockaert, M. Serrurier, C. Vrain. From Shallow to Deep Interactions Between Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Machine Learning (Kay R. Amel group). arXiv:1912.06612
  3. T.Denoeux. Belief functions induced by random fuzzy sets: Application to statistical inference. arXiv:2004.11638

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