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 +====== Coarsening approximation of belief functions ======
 +A method for computing the approximate combination of belief functions, based on coarsening the frame of discernement,​ and the fast Moebius transform. The method is described in: lang=EN-GB style='​mso-ansi-language:​EN-GB'>​
 +A. Ben Yaghlane, T. Denoeux and K. Melloui. Coarsening approximations of belief functions. In S. Benferhat and P. Besnard, Eds, Proceedings of ECQSARU'​2001,​ pages 362-373, Toulouse, September 2001, Springer-Verlag. {{en:​congres:​|postcript}} {{en:​congres:​ben_yaghlane.pdf|pdf}}
 +T. Denoeux and A. Ben Yaghlane. Approximating the Combination of Belief Functions using the Fast Moebius Transform in a coarsened frame. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, Vol. 31, No. 1-2, 77-101, 2002. {{en:​revues:​ijar02.pdf|pdf}}

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