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-An extension ​of Principal Component Analysis to fuzzy data, based on a three layer autoassociative neural network model. The method is described in:+====== Multidimensional Scaling ​of interval-valued dissimilarity ​data ======
-T. Denoeux and M. Masson. ​Principal component analysis ​of fuzzy data using autoassociative neural networksIEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems12(3):336-3492004 +A Multidimensional Scaling (MDS) method for interval-valued dissimilarity data. The objects are represented as hyperspheres in a p-dimensional space. The minimum and maximum distances between hyperspheres approximate the lower and upper dissimilarities in the least squares sense. The method is described in: 
 + T. Denoeux and M.-H. Masson. ​Multidimensional scaling ​of interval-valued dissimilarity ​data. Pattern Recognition Letters21:83-922000. {{en:​revues:​prl00.pdf|pdf}} 

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