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Sensors for Intelligent Systems

  • Practical work using the Turtebot3 robot. The students use Python and ROS to access and process the sensors. The sensors studied are: Infrared distance sensor, accelerometer, gyrometer, wheel encoder, LiDAR and camera.
  • Tutorial on GNSS sensors.

Intelligent Machines

  • Course: Introduction to LiDAR sensors. Ground plane detection (RANSAC, PCA) and Clustering.
  • Tutorial on the LiDAR sensors.
  • Project: Autonomous vehicle teleoperation. Autonomous driving until an obstacle is detected at which point a remote operator has to adjust the vehicle trajectory.

Master of Science Students Supervision

Antoine Lima Vehicle Localization Using 3D LiDARs and Vector Maps Defended September 2019 Supervisors: Anthony Welte and Philippe Bonnifait

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