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I supervised Ph.D. students on different research problems (Few of the Ph. D. students were co-supervised with colleagues that I would ike to thank for their collaboration) the date given be between brackets is the defence date.

Current Ph. D. Students :

  • R. Aktouche, “Safety and security for autonomous transport”
  • S. Benhamaid, “ IoT-Cloud for smart cities”
  • M. Mahamat , “Green IoT security”
  • K. Abid, “Security of channel acces protocols in dynamic IoT”

Alumni Ph. D. Students :

  • M. A. Kandi, “ Lightweight Key Management Solutions for Heterogeneous IoT”, (December 2020)Currently teaching and research assistant
  • M. Aboubakar, “ Low Power network management”, (December 2020)Currently research engineer in industry
  • Y. Imine, “ Cloud storage security”, (Nov. 2019), Currently assistant professor at Polytechnique University of Haut de France
  • D-E, Kouicem, “ Internet of Everything security”, (Nov. 2019), Currently teaching and research assistant
  • L. Zaouche, “Mobile swarm communication security”, (Feb. 2017), Currently research engineer
  • A. Barki, “ M2M security”, (Dec. 2016), Currently Rsearch Engineer in industry
  • M. Sabt, “Trust in mobile communication architectures”, (Dec. 2016), Currently Associate Professor at University of Rennes, France
  • T. Rault, “ Energy saving in Wireless Sensor Networks”, (Oct. 2015), Currently teaching and research assistant at University of Tours, France
  • A. Lounis, “ Cloud computing security”, (July 2014), Currently teaching and research assistant at UTC
  • N. Maalel , “ Reliable routing in highly dynamic networks”, (June. 2014), Currently Project Manager in industry
  • M. Souil, “ Quality of service in Wireless Sensor Networks”, (Oct. 2013), Currently Research Project Manager in industry
  • A. Hadjidj, “ Wireless Sensor Networks Reliability”, (Dec. 2012), Currently Project Manager in industry
  • W. Bechkit, “ Security and energy saving in Wireless Sensor Networks” (Nov. 2012), Currently Associate Professor at INSA-Lyon, France
  • S. Hattahet, “ Worms propagation and detection in P2P networks ”, (April 2011), Currently Consultant in industry.
  • M. Omar, “ Thrust models and architectures for mobile Ad'Hoc Networks”, (June 2011), Currently Associate Professor at Bejaia University (Algeria).
  • M. Abdelouahab, “ P2P security”, (Sep. 2010), Currently Consultant in industry.
  • S. Lanièpce, “ Routing by availability in hybrid Ad'Hoc Networks”, (July 2009), Currently Research Enginner at Orange Lab.
  • B. Malla, “ Key management in Wireless Sensor Networks”, (Dec. 2009),
  • M. Alkubeily, “ Application level multicast : communication and security ”, (Dec. 2009),
  • S. Gharout, “ multicast security in dynamic groups ”, (Nov. 2009), Currently Research Engineer at Orange Lab.,
  • Y. Hinard, “ Billing in multicast communication ”, (Oct. 2008), Currently, Research Enginner in Industry
  • H. Ragab, “ security in hierarchical group communications”, (Dec. 2007), Currently assitant professor at Kent University (UK),
  • M. Kellil, “ Multicast security in mobile IPv6”, (sep. 2005), actually research enginneer in Industry
  • I. Romdhani, “ Multicast communication in mobile IPv6 ”, (may 2005), Currently assitant professor, Napier university, Edinburgh
  • Y. Challal, “ multicast security ”, (may 2005), HDR, associate professor at UTC (France)
  • S. Hamida, “ security and fault-tolerance in mobile environment” , (dec. 2003), assistant professor at university of Lyon(France)
  • H. Bettahar, “ Multicast communication in IP networks”, (dec. 2001), HDR associate professor at UTC from 2002 to 2010 (France)
  • C. Beaujean, “ Routing in large scale networks ”, (June 2001), Currently research enginneer in Industry
  • S. Cateloin, “ Internet Routing and Quality of service”, (June 2001), Currently assistant professor at université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg (France) .
  • M. Yagoubi, “ Mutual exclusion in distributed systems”, (Nov. 1997), professor at université de Laghouat (Algeria)

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