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Articles scientifiques dans journaux internationaux

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi: A collaborative caching strategy for content-centric enabled wireless sensor networks. Computer Communications 2020.

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi, Luigi Alfredo Grieco, Thierry Gayraud: An adaptive duty-cycle mechanism for energy efficient wireless sensor networks, based on information centric networking design. Wireless Networks 26(2): 791-805 (2020)

Articles scientifiques dans conférences internationales

- Khaled Abid, Ghada Jaber, Hicham LAKHLEF, Ahmed Lounis, Abdelmajid Bouabdallah : An Energy Efficient Architecture of self-sustainable WSN based on Energy Harvesting and Wireless Charging with consideration of deployment cost. ACM Q2SWinet. 2020

- Hicham Lakhlef, Ghada Jaber, Abdelmajid Bouabdallah, Fabio D'ANdreagiovanni, Ahmed Lounis: Distributed Time Slots Assignment Protocol in Dynamic Networks. ISCC. 2020

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi, Thierry Gayraud: Efficient Interest Satisfaction in Content Centric Wireless Sensor Networks. CCNC 2019: 1-5

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi, Thierry Gayraud: Reactive and proactive strategies for content update in content-centric and multi-users WSNs. IWCMC 2017: 1980-1985

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi, Thierry Gayraud: Data Freshness Aware Content-Centric Networking in WSNs. Wireless Days 2017: 238-240

- Ghada Jaber, Rahim Kacimi, Zoubir Mammeri: Exploiting redundancy for energy-efficiency in Wireless Sensor Networks. WMNC 2016: 180-186

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