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Research Interests

Supervised and unsupervised learning, Statistical Pattern Recognition, Flexible regression/discrimination/clustering techniques.


Sparsity Inducing Penalties, Representation learning, Co-Clustering, Cross-Validation, Semi-supervised learning, Noise Injection, Evidential Pattern Recognition, Bioinformatics, Fault Diagnosis & Environmental Monitoring.

PhD students


Frisch, G. PhD candidate
Co-clustering for collaborative filtering, 2018-2021
co-supervision with J.-B. Leger
Cara, F. PhD candidate
Machine learning in industrial diagnosis and process control, 2018-2021
co-supervision with N. Boudaoud (Roberval)
Loukkal, A. PhD candidate
Localization and semantic segmentation with a cartographic prior, 2017-2021


Li, X. researcher
Baidu, Beijing
Regularization for deep transfer learning, 2016-2019
co-supervision with F. Davoine
Puthiya Parambath, S. A. researcher
QCRI, Qatar
New methods for learning with multiple objectives, 2013-2016
co-supervision with N. Usunier
Garcia-Duran, A. researcher
NEC, Germany
Learning representations in multi-relational graphs: algorithms and applications, 2013-2016
co-supervision with A. Bordes et N. Usunier
Bécu, J.-M. engineer
Uncertainty in Sparse Regression, 2012-2015
co-supervision with C. Ambroise
Liu, X. engineer
Weakly Supervised Bio-NLP, 2011-2014
co-supervision with A. Bordes
Sánchez, L. F. engineer
Sparse Classification and Clustering, 2010-2013
co-supervision with G. Govaert

Lomet, A. researcher
Model Selection for the Latent Block Model, 2009-2012.
co-supervision with G. Govaert
Szafranski, M. associate professor,
Hierarchical Penalization for Incorporating Knowledge in Statistical Model, 2005-2008.
co-supervision with P. Morizet-Mahoudeaux
Hérault, R. associate professor,
INSA Rouen
Vision and Statistical Learning for Characterizing Human Behavior, 2004-2007.
co-supervision with F. Davoine
Avalos, M. associate professor,
Université Bordeaux 2
Parsimonious Additive Models, 2001-2004
co-supervision with C. Ambroise
Maquiné de Souza, S. G. researcher,
CIRSEE, Suez Environnement
Wastewater Sludge Processing by Image Analysis, 2000-2005
co-supervision with T. Denœux
François, J. engineer,
Data and knowledge fusion : an evolutive approach to diagnosis, 1997-2000

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