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Research interests


Multisensor data fusion, Dealing with uncertainty and inaccuracy, Temporal data fusion, distributed data fusion, Belief functions.

Application field

Intelligent Vehicles, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

  • Study of credibilist occupancy grid for local dynamic map.
  • Using believe theory for data association. Application to multitarget tracking system.
  • Distributed data fusion in Vehicular Network (VANET) application.
  • Confidence indicators in object level fusion system. Application to pedestrian detection.
  • Study of imprecise datation in a multisensor fusion system.
  • Uncertainty managment for HF metrics computation in driving situation.

Research grants


  • Distributed data fusion in Vanets : Comosef (Celtic-Plus Eureka)
  • Perception distribuée : DAPAD(Labex)
  • Augmented reality for ADAS : SERA (National FUI)


  • Embedded perception for intelligent vehicles : PRETIV (ANR-NFSC) MPR (LIAMA)
  • Digital maps and intelligent vehicles PREDIMAP (ICT -ASIA)
  • Augmented reality for ADAS (RAMIAC) (Lab. Project)
  • Perception for Autonomous Vehicles : CityVIP(ANR- Predit) and CityHOME (ICT-ASIA)
  • Distributed data Fusion in Vehicular Network (Lab. Project)
  • Pedestrian detection : LOVe (Projet ANR- Predit/Pôle System@tic)
  • C2C communication : Safespot Projet 6ePCRD-IST) ,CVIS(Projet 6ePCRD-IST) and Previsibility(Projet Région/Pôle DIVA)
  • Autonomous vehicule : MobiVip (Predit 2003-2006)
  • ADAS: ARCOS (Predit 2002-2004)
  • Driver behaviour : RoadSense (5ePCRD-GSS 2000-2003)

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