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Research areas
  • Reliability and uncertainty assessment (Belief function theory, Imprecise probabilities, Fuzzy set theory).
  • Risk and uncertainty assessment.
  • Valuation Based Systems (VBS) for risk and reliability studies.
  • Importance measures and Risk-informed decision making.
  • Reliability allocation problems.
  • Reliability assessment of System-of-Systems.
PhD Students
  • Principal Investigator of ANR JCJC (Young researcher program) Récif project : “Belief networks for quantitative evaluation of dependability parameters of railway systems”,2013-2017.
  • Membre of the PERFECT project: Performing Enhanced Rail Formal Engineering Constraints Traceability: « vers la formalisation des exigences ferroviaires et leur traçabilité », ANR-TDM, 2013-2016.
  • Member of the Labex MS2T project : “Control of Technological Systems-of-Systems”, 2011-2021.

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