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Publications of Thierry Denoeux


  1. Z. Bouraoui, A. Cornuéjols, T. Denoeux, S. Destercke, D. Dubois, R. Guillaume, J. Marques-Silva, J. Mengin, H. Prade, S. Schockaert, M. Serrurier, C. Vrain. From Shallow to Deep Interactions Between Knowledge Representation, Reasoning and Machine Learning (Kay R. Amel group). Preprint arXiv:1912.06612, 2019.
  2. T. Denoeux. Quantifying Prediction Uncertainty in Regression using Random Fuzzy Sets: the ENNreg model. Preprint techrxiv.21791831.v2, 2023. (Accepted for publication in IEEE Transactions on Fuzzy Systems).
  3. T. Denoeux. Parametric families of continuous belief functions based on generalized Gaussian random fuzzy numbers. Preprint hal-04060251, 2023.

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