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This page contains links to software, modules or packages that we have been developing for some occasion. You are of course welcomed to participate to their further development.

Software and packages I am currently/have been involved in

  • Fispro (C++/Java): Fispro (Fuzzy Inference System Professional) is a software to create and infer fuzzy systems from data. It comes with a GUI and focuses on the problem of building interpretable fuzzy systems.

Current version:

  • Belief Package (R): this is an R package containing basic functions to deal with discrete belief functions.

Current stable version:

Working version:

  • Probability interval package (Python): package under development to manipulate probability intervals, under python.

Working version:

  • ClassifIP: imprecise probabilistic classifier library (python): package under development. Provides some basic tools to perform classification with imprecise probabilities (understood in a general sense, i.e., including tasks such as label ranking, mutlilabel classification, etc.).

Working version:

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