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On going Projects and Research Grants

European projects

ESCAPE – European Safety Critical Applications Positioning Engine

2016-2019, investigator. Project Web site Video FR3 French TV

French projects

Robotex, Equipex PIA program

The goal of the ROBOTEX project is to build a coherent infrastructure of technical equipments as well as scientific and technological expertise.
Head of the mobile robotic network 2011-2020
N° ANR-10-EQPX-44-01 Web site of the French funding agency


Interactions entre véhicule autonome et infrastructures pour des services de mobilité en zone peu dense
Principal investigator Sept. 2017 - Dec. 2020. Web site

Recent Projects and Research Grants

International projects

PRETIV, International ANR Blanc program

In collaboration with PKU (Univ. Of Pekin, China)
2012-2015, investigator. More info

CAI YUANPEI, Partenariats Hubert Curien N° 26193PE

2011-2013, investigator.

PrediMap, ICT-ASIA project

2011-2013, investigator, More info

MPR, Liama project

2011-2015, investigator, More info

CityHome, ICT-ASIA project

2008-2010, investigator More info

European projects

SaPPART, European COST action TU1302

2013-2017, investigator. SaPPART Web site Cost site

VERVE Intelligent Electric Vehicles, Feder project

In collaboration with Ilmenau University of Technology (Germany)
Investigator, 2012-2015

CVIS, FP6 European Integrated Project

6th Framework Program
Principal investigator, POMA/WP7 responsible
2006-2010 More info

ROADSENSE, FP5 European Research Program

Investigator, 2001-2004

French projects

CityVip, ANR/PREDIT program

Principal investigator, 2008-2011 More info

LOVe, ANR/PREDIT program

Investigator, 2006-2009 More info

MobiVip, 3rd French PREDIT program

Principal investigator, 2004-2007

ARCOS, 2nd French PREDIT program

Principal investigator (tache 3), 2001-2004 More info

PACPUS, Research Platform

Research Platform on Intelligent vehicles sustained by CNRS/UTC
Scientific responsible, since Nov. 04 More info

Bodega, CNRS ROBEA project

Investigator, 2003-2005 More info

SAACAM, DIVA program

founded by the DIVA program of the Picardie Region
Investigator, 2000-2004 More info

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