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Seminars ASER -- 22th June, Salle RD134, 14h00

Global trajectory tracking through output feedback for robot manipulators with bounded inputs

by Arturo ZAVALA, Researcher, Mexique


In this seminar, a globally stabilizing output feedback scheme for the motion control of robot manipulators with bounded inputs is presented. It achieves the trajectory tracking goal avoiding input saturation and excluding velocity measurements. Moreover, it is not defined using a specific sigmoidal function, but any one on a set of saturation functions. Consequently, the proposed algorithm actually constitutes a family of globally stabilizing output feedback bounded controllers.

Furthermore, the bound of such saturation functions is explicitly considered in their definition. Hence, the control gains are not tied to satisfy any saturation-avoidance inequality and may consequently take any positive value, which may be considered beneficial for performance adjustment/improvement purposes. The efficiency of the proposed scheme is corroborated through experimental results.

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