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Seminar SIT55/ASER -- October 9th, 2012, 14h00, Salle Master

Étude de la phase de transition d'un drone tiré par tube dédié : modélisation et commande

by Corentin CHAFFAUT, étudiant doctorat HDS


My presentation will address the transition stage of a Gun-Launched Micro Air Vehicle (GLMAV) whose main goal is to rapidly position a rotorcraft MAV over a high-risk scene (Prison riots, blind zones: e.g. over-the-hill, etc.). The development of this robotic platform is part of an overall ongoing project (GLMAV) headed by the St. Louis French-German Research Institute (ISL). The vehicle is launched at a distance of 500 m and a height of 100 m, where the GLMAV will collect and transmit visual information from the scene. Issues raising from the use of the gun-based launching technique are discussed in detail. A control strategy is proposed to overcome such problems and to stabilize the GLMAV. High-fidelity simulations, covering ballistic and transition phases, validate the control policy adopted to face the MAV gun-launching problem.


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