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Seminars ASER -- 29th June, Salle PG L103, 11h00

Towards an Omni-directional Sensing of a Large Dynamic Environment

by Prof. Huijing ZHAO, Key Lab of Machine Perception (Ministry of Education), Peking University (<a href=""></a>)


This talk will introduce the latest research developments in PKU Omni Smart Sensing (POSS) group: an intelligent vehicle system towards an omni-directional sensing of a large dynamic environment (POSS-v), and a network sensing system using horizontal laser scanners that monitoring a dynamic environment, such as an intersection (POSS-i). Latest experimental results concerning each research algorithms as well as potential applications will be discussed.

The talk will end with an overview of the research interests of the group 3DVCR (3D Visual Computing and Robotic), in Department of Machine Intelligence of Peking University.

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