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Seminar -- November 30th 2010, 14h00, Master Room

by Michel HE, IR CNRS Heudiasyc Lab.


During this presentation, I will talk about the automatic code generation tool for Xenomai Real Time Kernel. It deals with the translation from graphical diagrams based on Simulink into high-level C language. In the domain of fast systems prototyping, there are advantages to optimize the time and effort for the final coding phase. It offers clear visibility of process building inside a program without following huge fragments of codes. It can reduce programming errors introduced by human factors. Moreover, we also notice the feature of Simulink to ease the transformation of parameters types (as from float to fixed-point). It could simplify the port from floating point processor to fixed point processor. To bridge the gap between the simulink's embedded coder and Xenomai, we use the multi-rate task programming framework. Concretely, the tool can generate embedded real-time codes to Xenomai RTOS using kernel multi-tasking calls. With simulink, we are able to guarantee the faithfulness of the generated codes with respect to the initial model.

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