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Seminar -- October 6th, 2009

Positioning Integrity for Intelligent Vehicles

by Philippe BONNIFAIT, Proffesor UTC


Intelligent Vehicles are robotic systems that assist the driver in safe and comfortable operation by providing pertinent information or by controlling the vehicle itself. Real-time and safe perception of the driving environment is one of the key issues. In this perception process, global positioning (also called self-localization) and map-matching are useful for retrieving contextual information stored in geographical databases. This talk first recalls the essential attributes of the quality of service of a positioning system. In particular, we will focus on integrity that is nowadays well standardized in the avionic domain (for safety of life reasons). For robotized land vehicles, integrity is a new concern. The concept of Protection Level will be described. The computation of Uncertainty Levels will then be addressed using robust state observation approaches, in a multi-sensor context, since modern vehicles are often equipped with a GPS receiver, dead-reckoning sensors (such as wheel-speed measurements, easily accessible on a CAN bus), road navigable maps, lidars and cameras. In a second part, we will present how to deal with map-matching integrity using multi-hypothesis road tracking. Experimental results obtained with different vehicles in the framework of the POMA/CVIS European project will be presented.


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