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Seminar SIT55/ASER -- October 16th, 2012, 14h00, Salle Master

Some new observers for vehicle dynamics

by Qi CHENG, ancien postdoc HDS


To improve the stability control of modern automotive engineering, it is important to get precise knowledge of the vehicle dynamics. At the same time, some key variables of the vehicle dynamics, like the sideslip angle, are difficult to measure directly for technology or economic reasons. Researcher from both engineering and scholar fields propose large amount of algorithms to estimate these variables. To the best of our knowledge, most of these algorithms are based on linearization techniques, among which the extended Kalman filter is the most frequently used algorithm in the unmeasurable variable estimation for automotive control. Some new observers are proposed in the project of PERCOIVE. The particle filters are used in the observers of the sideslip angle. Furthermore, the technique of dual filer is used in the observer in order to deal with the unknown vehicle parameters.


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