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Seminar ASER/DI -- December 6th 2010, 16h00, Room A108

Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles: An Overview of Research Activities at ISR-UC

by Urbano NUNES, Coordinator of the Autonomous and Mobile Robotics Group of the Institute for Systerms and Robotics (ISR-UC) & Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC) of the Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCTUC), University of Coimbra, Portugal

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In this presentation it will be addressed research work carried out currently by bthe Autonomous and Mobile Robotics Group (AMR) in the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-UC), with focus on the folowing main areas: Object Detection using Laser and Vision, Autonomous vehicles and ITS; Human-Machine Interface; and Service Robots. ISR-Uc is a research organization linked to the University of Coimbra that promotes advanced multidisciplinary R&D in areas of Robotics, ITS, Control Theory, Advanced Industrial Energy and Automation Technologies. ISR-UC gives special attention to international scientific research cooperation and to training and education initiatives.

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